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Please refer your friends to us. As a thank you, you'll get a certificate for one free visit from Tampa Cat Lady for each friend you refer.  (The friend should list your
name on the Client Information Form).

I won't let any kitties outside, even if they're "indoor/outside cats".  
We will feed your 'outside only' cats if needed, but we won't lets cats in and out.  Read more about my reasons for this here.

By mutual agreement
we provide other
services such as
watering houseplants,
feeding the birds and
fish, or otherthings
you may wish us
to do.
Charlie Brown
Charlie Brown was born in a shelter
to a rescued pregnant female so small 
she looked like a kitten herself. The shelter
called her Mom and her five babies were the 'mini-kitties'.

After losing 17-year-old Max, husband Gary was sans cat, and sorely missing the feline company. Maggie and Poppy decided long ago they belonged only to Judy (Tampa Cat Lady), so they were no help. 

When Gary was ready, we adopted Charlie Brown.  Other than being ridiculously tiny, he is the most ordinary-looking cat anybody could 
ever find - and that's just what Gary wanted. (born June 2013)
Paparazzi (Poppy)
Maggie is a beautiful silver-blue Bengal/Siamese mix. She has the  spotted tummy, short silky fur and golden undertones of a Bengal 
and the blue eyes and silver points of a Siamese.

She is a born huntress. She loves to fetch toy mice, but no matter 
who throws them, she'll only bring them back to me. I taught her to say ' mouse mouse'  (meow meow) when she wants to play fetch.  
It makes us laugh every time. (Born November 2010)
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==^. .^==
I looked for YEARS for a flame-point Siamese. I had to drive
a hundred miles to adopt this little guy, but he is so worth it.

We named him Paparazzi because he is always putting his nose
into my business or that of Maggie the cat. His favorite napping
place is between my keyboard and my monitor, any time
I'm using the computer. (Born April 2011)
All of our cats were rescued from shelters.