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                               Joni G. - Wesley Chapel FL 33544

Judy checked on our two cats while we were on a short trip.  We have relied on Tampa Cat Lady numerous times over the past 8 years, for quick check in on short trips and for extended vacations up to 15 or more days at a time. She checks that the cats have water and food daily and gives them wet food as a treat and/or bagged treats in between. She cleans the litter box daily, plays and pets the cats and makes sure that everything is in order in the house such as watering plants, bringing in the mail, and sends us email updates on a regular basis.

It provides so much peace of mind to know that we have someone who is reliable and responsive to us while we are away.  Judy always goes above and beyond and looks out for the cats interests, for example she will adjust the thermostat if an unexpected change in weather happens while we are out and she always does so many extra little caring things.  We truly appreciate that when we return the house is as we left it, especially if it is a longer vacation as we know that our cats shed, but she takes the time to vacuum and rinse the wet food dishes, takes the litter she removes out to the large trash can in the garage and notifies us if anything is out of whack. the mail is always neatly stacked up on the table and she places a nice greeting card welcoming us back home.

This is a very trustworthy business and you can expect to be delighted  ,land so will your cats!  Most importantly you can relax knowing that your pets and your home are being watched over by someone who cares.

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                               Mark R. - Tampa, FL 33647

Judy will feed the cats, clean their litter box and 
spend about 45 minutes playing with the cats. we 
also have a fish tank and she feeds the fish as well.

She does a very good job of taking care of our cats 
and fish and always emails us while we are gone to 
let us know that the animals are doing well. She will 
also give us guidance if we are not doing something 
right or it can be done better. She knows cats and
 their habits and takes care of all 3 of them very well. 

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pet sitting services Tampa pet sitting services Pasco
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                                Jacob T.  - Tampa, FL 33637

Judy has watched our cat several times now, while we've been traveling. She fed her, kept her water dish filled, played with her, scooped her litter, and made sure everything was well with her.

Judy has always been attentive, accountable, and a great resource for helping us take care of our beloved pet.  I recommend her highly.